Our Services

Firstly, we work as booking agents for private rental properties and resorts in the Portugal.

Luxury, Carvoeiro Villa Rental

Secondly, we work with liked minded businesses and on our projects to help market/promote products, services and experiences that can be found in Portugal.

Sounds simple, but in reality we offer so much more so that we can deliver you “Personal Service, Local Knowledge” and enhance your holiday experience.  As shown at the top we offer:

  • Property Rentals

  • Airport Transfers*

  • Attraction Tickets, Experiences and Tours*

  • Golf Packages*

Even if the required experience is not shown on our pages, do not worry, just contact us and we will try and source it for you, we are continually increasing our network.

*We negotiate the best price we can for you via licensed third parties

Now in addition, we are in discussions to make Pac4Portugal.com a more complete package for both rental clients and owners.  We hope to enhance our “Personal Service, Local Knowledge” with our own property management brand through a Portuguese company and be able to offer clients rental investments from Turnkey projects to villas already built.  We have good repeat bookings as clients appreciate the more personal and dedicated approach we can offer.

 Turnkey Property Carvoeiro

Property Portfolio

We have always aimed to have around 30 properties in our portfolio, this allows us to know our properties and keep it personal.  There is nothing worse in booking a holiday and someone reading the details from a brochure to you.  If we do not know an answer, we will find out and come back to you with the details.

We have a range of properties from those on a budget to those you want to lap it up in luxury.

The majority of the properties we have on this website have been in our portfolio from the very early days.  In recent years with have seen some growth and already have more properties in the pipeline, once ready we will add them and let people know via Social Media and Newsletters.

Sadly some properties do leave our portfolio, whether because they have been sold and are no longer available for rental, or we feel that the property no longer meets our standards.  On a more positive note we have had some properties return to us, looks like they just could not live without us.